Printing Equipment
 Packing-box Equipment.
 Various Matched Equipment
Our printing equipment
goes abreast with world advanced technologies:
    5 Heidelberg Presses with infrared automatic drier, CPC computerized remote controller , the maximum printing paper size of 1020X720mm, and printing speed of 15000 pages per hour.

  • State-of-art five-color CD folio press applicable to the printing of various high-quality books,brochures and pamphlets, and packing box.
  • SPEED MASTER 4-color folio press can meet the need of the printing of various exquisite illustrated books, pamphlets and promotional materials.
  • 4-color CD folio press adepts at the printing of such paperboard presswork such as packing box, stand plates and hangings.
  • 2-color BB folio press capable of automatic reversal can complete two-side single-color printing simultaneously or single-side double-color printing.
  • 4-color quarto press can offer quicker and perfect service to customers with big orders.
  • 2 sets of state-of-art fully automatic computerized printing equipmentis, applicable to various printing of short plate, small quantity and instant delivery, needless of film making.